We use the word “recovery” a fair share in our vocabulary. We talk about recovering lost time, recovering from a busy work week. Hospitals send people to the recovery room following a surgery.

What do these forms of recovery have in common? In every instance the person is trying to get back a sense of health and well being. In a hospital recovery room, a person heals after surgery, their vital signs are monitored, people check in with them… and when all looks well they are sent home to continue the healing process, sometimes for several weeks or months. It is easy to see why people get impatient with the recovery process. After all we all want to get better soon so we can get back about life.

Recovery takes time. Like the hospital it requires an environment where healing can take place. In the same way that someone may re injure themselves if they ignore their doctor’s advice, recovering from hurts and hang-ups in our lives, requires a growth process, with God and others, in order to regain our sense of health and well being.

Working the 12 steps is a spiritual growth process. Keith Miller in his book, “A Hunger for Healing” says he started looking for help when he realized that he was being too controlling in his relationships. The people he loved the most were distancing themselves from him. When he started in Recovery he found that the 12 steps helped him grow spiritually.


The 12 steps can help you grow spiritually 

Miller describes his experience, “The 12 step process is an experience of being changed by a loving, supporting God who knows what we need, and helps us to see and give up our own selfish agendas and surrender to His.”

He goes on to describe working the steps as a means of spiritual growth. “The Twelve Steps reveal that spiritual disciplines or exercises are primarily ways to discover our own blocks to truth and right living; we can’t see them because of our sin and denial. Spiritual growth through discipline is a way to face, discover, and let God remove the character defects that distort our perception of reality and of God and ruin our lives and relationships.”

This is why Celebrate Recovery is based on the 12 Steps. The Twelve Steps are biblical disciplines that are thoroughly of and for today. Millions of people find that working these steps frees them from their compulsions and creates serenity, peace, joy, and healthier relationships with God and others. And, significantly, the program produces people who reach out to others in pain.


 CR will Kick off on January 10, 2018 at 6:00PM. Come for dinner at 5:30

join us in the sanctuary at 6PM.  

There is an old parable used by people in recovery groups. Here is my version of it.

“One day a man walked down a street and fell into a hole.

Realizing he was in a hole, he climbed out and went home.

The next day he walked down the street and fell into the same hole.

The third day the man saw the hole and tried to walk around it, but still fell in.

The fourth day the man crossed the street to avoid the hole.

The fifth day, when the man went for his walk, he walked down a different street.”


It takes a while to walk down the right street, but once you do it makes all the difference in life. Celebrate Recovery is a safe environment for all who long to regain their health and well being.


Hope to see you January 10th!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Gary