Connect! On Wednesdays
Dinner 5:30-6:30
Classes 6:30-7:45

Starting January 10 

Starting Point                    4 wks                     Pastor Josh                         212
A class for everyone who wants to get to know who we are as a church and how to connect effectively.  This is also the class to take if you wish to join CLC!

Financial Freedom          5 wks                     Ed Samuel                           211
Want to get your financial house in order?  We are blessed to have the regional director of Crown Financial Ministries here show you how.

The Gospel of Mark        1 wk                       Pastor Jeff                          220
A one week only overview of the Gospel.  Mark tells us what matters in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and why it matters.

PYC  Parents Youth Community  11 wks     Mike & Laura Woodin       138
Whether single or married connect with other adults for a variety of fun activities and also connect with God, through a variety of studies. KidzConnect is available for your children!

Celebrate Recovery        weekly                 Pastor Gary             Sanctuary
Are you stuck in old hurts, habits, or hang-ups?   This begin-at-any-time  program cycles through the Biblical steps to freedom.

Outbreak (teens)             weekly                 Pastor Ben            Auditorium
Jr. and Sr. High Youth Group

KidzConnect                      weekly               Megan Leff                KidZone
Programming, Activities and childcare for kids infant through 5th grade


Starting January 17

The Gospel of Luke         7 wks                     Pastor Jeff                         220
We will follow Jesus from birth through his teachings and conflicts to his death and resurrection as we approach Easter

February 7 One Day Only

What do Baptism & Communion mean?    1 wk    Pastor Josh            220
For everyone!   What are we doing when we “take communion” on the first Sunday of every month?   How is it that it is in baptism that we know who we really are?

Starting February 14                                      

Love and Respect            6 wks                     Bob & Lisa Henriksen    220
Discover the fundamental need of men and of women and how they are not only different, but are mutually misunderstood putting us into a messy ‘Crazy Cycle’.  In this class we will learn how replace the crazy cycle with a cycle of Love and Respect.   For married couples and those looking forward to marrying one day.

Starting March 7

Jesus Final Week             3 wks                     Pastor Jeff                          212
Prepare for Good Friday and Easter by reading the Gospel accounts of Jesus’s Final week of life