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Your faith needs friends.

We believe that groups are the heartbeat of the church and that something happens in groups and circles that just can't happen elsewhere. Home Groups are an initiative of the CLC to create space for people to grow in their faith with others. To learn more about Home Groups and to find your group, check out the page below:

What is a Home Group?

A Home Group of the CLC is a small group of people committed to finding community and following Jesus together. You could liken it to an intentional community or a team of some kind that meets together intentionally to accomplish a goal or task (in this case, to grow in faith). Most Home Groups do this through selected studies, activities, shared meals, and/or shared experiences. 

Each group may look and operate a tad differently, but they all move towards the same goal - to help everyone find community and follow Jesus.

To find your Home Group, check out the section below! 

Find your people
(aka, your Home Group).

Go ahead! Peruse our open groups by clicking the "Browse Open Home Groups" button to the below. You can find a group of folks in a similar life stage or you can find a group that's within close proximity. Whatever the case, get your browsing on!


When you find a group that you're interested in or a group that you want to learn about, you'll be given the chance to request to join the group or reach out to the leader with any questions right there in the groups portal (pretty neat, right)? However, if there's any lingering confusion, have no fear! Feel free to check out the "How To Find Your Group" video (also linked below) or email us with any questions! ( 



Leader Resources

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Leaders! Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all the resources you'll ever need to lead... ok, we're mostly kidding! If you're a leader of a CLC Home Group, we want to do whatever we can to help you and your group win! Check out our ever-increasing library of resources to support you as you help folks find community and follow Jesus! 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What if I don't find a group that works for me?


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