September 8, 2021

CLC Family,


We are so excited to announce that Connect On Wednesday (our midweek offering also known by many as "C.O.W.") will officially kick-off on September 8, 2021 right here at the CLC.

Our mid-week offering will be complete with an affordable meal, classes for guests of all ages, and a place to simply connect with each other and Jesus. 

Be sure to save the date, prepare your crew, and be sure to check back soon for more details! 

In the meantime, we're looking for people who might be interested in serving on Wednesday nights to make COW happen (because it takes a village to make COW happen)! If you are interested in considering what God might have for you in this season and if you are interested in learning more about serving, check out the information below!

With love, 

Your CLC fam.

COW Volunteer Opportunities:

Check back again soon for more opportunities!