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Find your people.

Our vision at the CLC is to make it simple for people to connect to Jesus and one another. Community Groups are a critical component in making this vision come to life for every person who journey's with us at the CLC. 

Community groups consist of a handful of friends who share a mutual desire to grow closer to Jesus and to each other through fellowship and discipleship. All of our groups meet at various times and at various locations and each groups has both in-person and virtual options. 


To find out more about open groups and sign-up, click the button below:


To let us know you are interested in leading a small group, text the key word "lead" to (610) 869-2140

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a big deal! We're sure you may have some questions!

Q: How can I get plugged into a community group?
A: Click HERE to learn more about our open community groups or you can submit your information HERE and someone from our community group team will reach out to help you get plugged in.

Q: Do I get to pick my group?
A: Yes! Feel free to look through the list of available groups (right here) and see which one you think might be the best match for your schedule, location, and stage of life. We are also happy to help you navigate the groups if you would rather, just submit your information HERE
Q: What are community groups like?
A: CLC's vision for community groups is for every person to have a group of people that they can "Do Life" with. The goal is to connect with a smaller group of people on a deeper level than you typically can during a Sunday service. The actual logistics of how a group operates will look different depending on the group, with some groups following a particular curriculum and others providing a more flexible meeting routine. Regardless, we want to help you find a group of believers that can spur you on to a deeper level of faith.

Did we miss a question? Let us know! Email us at

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