8:00AM-1:00PM at the Christian Life Center

This March, the Student Ministry of the Christian Life Center is hosting a one-day conference on parenting and caring for teenagers (woohoo)! We don't claim to have all the answers (because we definitely don't) but we really do want to resource you as parents in the raising of your teenagers. You all have a wildly nuanced and difficult job: we simply want to come alongside you and help.


Check out our page below to learn everything you might need to know about this event, AND to sign-up. 



A conference designed to help us grow in our ability to care for, lead, and journey alongside our teenagers.

Saturday, March 27th 2021 from 8:00AM-1:00PM. We value your time and will do all that we can to make this event worth your while. 



These parenting seminars are for the imperfect parent, coach, teacher, volunteer, and adult (or really, anyone who journey's with teenagers). 

We have both in-person and virtual locations for this event:


IN-PERSON LOCATION: Our event will be taking place in the upstairs auditorium of the Christian Life Center (125 Saginaw Road, Lincoln University, PA. 19352).


VIRTUAL LOCATION: We will have a dedicated ZOOM room for this event. Check back later for ZOOM login credentials. 

Because we care a whole awful lot about teenagers and want to see them (and you) thrive in the life you have been given.

Cost ($0.00)

This event is 100% FREE (no-strings attached) because we know your job is difficult enough. Be sure to register by March 20th!







Teens & Technology

Christian Hesling

Alright, let's be honest. Some of us just wish we could destroy our teenagers cell-phone (you know who you are). I'm sure many of us have a lot of questions regarding healthy cell-phone usage including, "how can we ensure that these mobile computer machines won't lead our kids into trouble?" "When should I say yes, and when do I say no when it comes to cell-phone usage?" "How can we establish healthy philosophies, boundaries, and practices for our teenagers and their engagement with technology?" "What are some pitfalls that I should be on the lookout for?" In other words, HELPPP!

Our hope during this session is to provide some clarity and relevant practices for you and your family on how to best engage with the technology in a way that leads to growth for both you and your teenagers. 

Teen Wellness

Dr. Katie Bowman, Psy. D. 

Parent/Teen Conflict & Discipline

Nadine Turner


The world we live in today is quite complicated. Pandemics, political conflict, virtual-education, isolation, and uncertainty are some of the many things that have taken a significant toll on the mental health of our young people. Rates of anxiety and depression have appeared to sky-rocket in recent months with many left wondering what can be done to care for those who struggle under its weight. 

For our Teen Wellness session, we are so excited to have licensed psychologist and executive director of the New London Counseling Center, Dr. Katie Bowman, with us to share about how we can best serve young people experiencing anxiety and depression and how we can collectively pursue holistic teen wellness. In this session, we hope to learn a bit more about identifying mental health problems, caring for those who are experiencing mental health problems, and we hope to learn more about the resources available to us for this journey. 

The journey to teen wellness is a difficult, yet important one. We hope you'll join us for what is expected to be a resourceful conversation. 

"Teenagers are super easy to understand, they do nothing wrong, they are 100% always a blessing from God, and they are easy to have an open and honest conversation with" - No one. 

"Parents are super easy to understand, they do nothing wrong, they are 100% a blessing from God, and they are easy to have an open and honest conversation with." - No one.


Of course, the quotes above are in jest (but we believe they do, in a satirical way, highlight a very real experience that many teens and parents have: conflict). For this session, Teen Conflict & Discipline, we hope to wrestle together with some important questions. "Why are our best efforts in shaping our young people, investing in them, and loving them often result in conflict, confusion, and chaos?" "Why must our communications, our visions, and our hopes for them always be interrupted with conflict?" "How can I love them and discipline them at the same time?" "How can we embark on an intentional journey towards mutual understanding and effective parenting?" "How can I see my child thrive as a young adult without annoying them or experiencing conflict?"

For this session, we plan on wrestling with these questions together. We hope dig a bit deeper as to why this conflict exists in the first place, while then working through some tangible solutions for journeying well with our young people. 

Dr. Katie Bowman, Psy. D.

Click here for bio. 


Dr. Katie Bowman, Psy. D.

Nadine Turner

Christian Hesling



8:00AM - Registration Opens

8:15AM - Light Breakfast & Coffee

8:45AM - Welcome & Opening Remarks

9:00AM - Teens & Technology

9:45AM - Q&A

9:55AM - 5 minute break

10:00AM - Teen Conflict & Discipline

10:45AM - Q&A

10:55AM - 5 minute break

11:00PM - Teen Wellness

12:00PM - Q&A

12:15PM - Lunch

12:45PM - Closing Remarks

1:00PM - Event Ends

**Please note, this itinerary is subject to change with little to no notice. Check back regularly for the latest information.**



Registration Deadline: March 20th



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