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Welcome To Our Church App!

Connection with community can sometimes be tricky but we hope this app will be a resource that helps make it easier! By downloading this app you will have access to the following resources:

church directory


groups portal



sermon archives

social media links

so much more

Download App Here

Download the app:

Use the links below to find the right app for your device!

Video Tutorials

 Video tutorials

Check out the videos below to learn more about the Church Center App! For best viewing experience, be sure to select the "Enter Full Screen" option! 

Video Tutorial #1

Getting Started

Video Tutorial #2

Navigating The App

clc directory

CLC Directory

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It's true! In an effort to help help folks find and connect with community at CLC, we've created a digital directory! 

Accessing the Digital Directory 

To access our digital directory, download the app (see links above for your device) and follow the steps to create an account, select the "Directory Request Form" to request access to our directory, and we'll take care of the rest! Just be sure to keep an eye out in your email inbox for access to the directory!


Accessing a Printed Directory

If you don't have a smartphone and would like to request a printed copy of the directory to pick up from the church, you can do so right here. We do not mail or send digital copies of the directory in an effort to keep people's information confidential to those who attend CLC. 

We hope this serves as a resource for you and your family to connect at CLC!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Questions? No problem! Check out the F.A.Q. section below to see if we can answer your question! If there are any questions that you have (that aren't listed below) please email us at

Q: Does this app cost money? 

A: No! This app is 100% free!


Q: Do I have to download this app to get access to the calendar, sign-ups, and more? 

A: No! All of that information and much more can also be found at our website:

Q: I don't have a smartphone and can't download this app. Is there any way I can still get access to the directory?

A: Yes! Please go ahead and submit this printed directory request form right here so that you can get a printed version of our directory to pick up from the CLC. We (very intentionally) do not distribute digital copies of the directory in an effort to keep people's information confidential to those who attend CLC.

Q: I currently have the "My Church" app on my smartphone. Is CLC still using that it?

A: We are no longer using the "My Church" app so you can remove that from your smartphone! Instead, we encourage you to download the Church Center app for the latest and greatest for all things CLC! 

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