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CLC's Mission:
To help people
find community and follow Jesus.

What's your next step in finding community and following Jesus?

Whether you're on the fence about faith or not, whether you have your life together or not (hint: none of us do), or whether you're ready to participate in building God's kingdom here on earth, there is a place for you at CLC! Wherever we might be, we all have a next step that we can take in community and towards Jesus. At CLC, we're all about helping everyone take their next step.
What's yours?

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CLC's Next Steps
(and core values)

We discover and fix our eyes on the Good News of Jesus as revealed in scripture as it is the loving lens by which we see all things and all people, and it functions as the source of our culture, our salvation, and our hope.  

(Gospel Oriented)


(Transformative Relationships)

Through our connectedness, and our intentional intergenerational relationships, we seek to be transformed more into the likeness of Jesus.

We are an imperfect church family/community leaning into the uncomfortable as we seek to co-participate with Jesus in experiencing and bringing restoration to all that is broken (including us).

(Restorative Community)


(Mission Driven)

Together we are a living and active body of people participating in bringing the kingdom of heaven to all peoples and all communities with our time, our talents, our gifts, our service, our invitations, our self-giving acts of love, and through unreasonable hospitality. 


What next step will you take?

Next Steps Summary

You can download all of the information above
for you and your family/groups right here! 

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