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Cow is Starting October 4th!  There's rumor of bonfire's for High schoolers, good food for everyone, and excellent stuff for everyone.  More info coming soon! 


Q: Is it required that we attend both the meal and a class/program at COW?

A: Nope! It is not required that you be at both the meal and the class/program. We simply see them as two different (and awesome) ways that you can Connect On Wednesday which is why we encourage anyone to consider both, however we won’t require attendance at either. So come enjoy a good meal with good community, and/or swing by to enjoy some of our evening offerings!


Q: Will there be something for everyone in my family?

A: Yes! Our hope is to create spaces for anyone and everyone to connect with each other and Jesus, so we do our best to create space for congregants of all ages! We have stuff for kids, students, and adults. You can learn more about our current offerings at COW right HERE

Q: Do you have any offerings for Nursery & Pre-School aged children?

A: Yes! We are planning on having spaces for and leaders to serve our youngest kiddos! (If you are interested in volunteering in these spaces, we could sure use the volunteer power)! 


Q: Does the meal cost money? 

A: Great question! The answer is yes, we do charge $5 per meal in order to cover the cost of the food itself. Our goal isn’t to make money from COW meals. In fact, our Big Yellow Mug team works diligently to provide all of our meals at-cost (they also do a pretty stellar job at making it nutritious and delicious too)! 

Q: I have a pretty big family. Is there a family spending cap on meals?

A: Also a great question! The answer is yes! In an effort to make Wednesday's as accessible as possible, there is a $25 cap for families so you can feed the whole crew without having to break the bank each week! If you have questions or need to inquire about any additional financial assistance, email us at


Q: Do you have virtual options for COW?

A: Occasionally, we do have virtual options for COW. This, in part, depends on the classes we are offering and the teachers of those classes. Some decide to make it virtual, however some only meet in person. You can see our different offerings (and whether or not we have virtual options) right here


Q: Can I bring friends and family to COW?

A: Of course! Everyone is welcomed to Connect On Wednesday. :) The more the merrier!


Q: Why is it called C.O.W.?

A: What originally was known as “Connect On Wednesday” quickly became abbreviated to C.O.W. People liked it and it was convenient, so it stuck!


If you find that you have any additional questions, go ahead and send us an email at 

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