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Community is Vital

Every Wednesday our CLC family gathers to spend time together.  We sit and enjoy an tasty an inexpensive meal in our cafe and atrium area, and then we head off to different parts of the building for the more structured part of our evening.  Our kids and teens head off for a night of fun filled bible based learning with their friends. For adults who want to deepen their knowledge of God, we have several excellent class offerings.  Want adult conversation? Many people continue conversations begun over dinner in our cafe.  

The CLC exists to Find Community & Follow JESUS, so

Come this Wednesday and connect with us! 

Connect on Wednesday
Resumes This Week- January 17th!

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Dinner starts at 5:30pm

$5 a person

$25 cap per family

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Nursery-5th grade

Check in begins at 6:20pm

Pickup is at 7:45pm


Middle &
High School

From 6:30pm-8pm

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Adult Classes

Look Below for more info! 

Classes from 6:30-7:45pm



Class led by Joanna Ross, New London Counseling Center Therapist

Location: Room 125

**Pre Registration Required (more info below)** 

This 8-week class is designed to equip parents to understand how the Brain and the Bible work together to inform how we can parent more effectively and raise resilient children. The course, based on the book Signals, integrates scientific knowledge and Christian beliefs to empower caregivers through the ups and downs of parenting. Participants will begin to gain a deeper understanding of brain development and explore evidenced based approaches to emotional regulation for their home.

The class also gives parents a chance to learn from and support one another...because parenting is not easy!!

Due to the nature of this class, there is a pre-registration and commitment for the 8 week class. Class fee $150 per person or $200 per couple.

Click here to view more information and to register.


Class led by Pastor Jeff Lampl

Location: Sanctuary

What does Jesus’ death on the cross a long time ago have to do with us now?

The Cross is far more than a symbol or an historical event. It is where the battle between God and the forces of Sin, Darkness, Death and Evil met. It was the battlefield where God emerged victorious over the worst that can be encountered. That victory won on Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter means that each of us can live not just under our circumstances but above them. In this class we will examine how.

This class will also be held on Sunday at 10:30 on Sunday mornings from 1/7-3/24 in room 221*

An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount

Class led by Denise Smith

Location: Room 212

The course on the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7, will pick up where the class finished pre-holiday break. A brief overview of some key points from the beginning of the teaching will be covered so anyone new can feel comfortable joining the class. Jesus's message in His Sermon will be covered paragraph by paragraph and thought by thought. Denise Smith painstakingly prepares the content in a way that engages the heart and the mind, but also fosters a deep sense of community in her classes. You will understand the whole sweeping context of this teaching, as well as the counter-cultural, powerfully transformative teaching of Christ as it is applied to every compartment of life and living. If you’ve never studied the Sermon on the Mount, prepare to have your world rocked. If you have studied it before, prepare to be refreshed and encouraged by learning how to lean into and live out of the Kingdom of Christ.

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