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Community is Vital

Every Wednesday our CLC family gathers to spend time together.  We sit and enjoy an tasty an inexpensive meal in our cafe and atrium area, and then we head off to different parts of the building for the more structured part of our evening.  Our kids and teens head off for a night of fun filled bible based learning with their friends. For adults who want to deepen their knowledge of God, we have several excellent class offerings.  Want adult conversation? Many people continue conversations begun over dinner in our cafe.  

The CLC exists to Find Community & Follow JESUS, so

Come this Wednesday and connect with us! 

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Dinner starts at 5:30pm

$5 a person

$25 cap per family

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Nursery-5th grade

Check in begins at 6:20pm

Pickup is at 7:45pm


Middle &
High School

From 6:30pm-8pm

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Adult Classes

Look Below for more info! 

Classes from 6:30-7:45pm



Class led by Pastor Bob Myers

Location: Sanctuary

ALPHA is an internationally acclaimed program designed to help people new to the claims of Christ and Christianity. The course functions as a meal, a talk, and a time of super-open, welcoming, discussion of the talk which centers on who is Jesus. If you are interested in bringing someone to check out one of the talks, you can invite them to "dinner and a movie" and assure them that it's up to them if they attend the next week. Each week, attendees can decide if it is worthwhile to attend. ALPHA attendees get free dinner and are highly encouraged to share the meal with others in the café area. We would love for you to attend- bonus points will be rewarded for those who can give us a heads-up that you will be attending and or inviting a friend.  This is not required, but if you can, please use the link found at or email


Class led by Pastor Jeff Lampl

Location: Atrium

How does the resurrection of Jesus a long time ago change everything about my life today? What happened to Jesus on Easter morning? What does that have to do with how I live today? What happens immediately after my death? What is Heaven and what is it like? Do I get a new body? Why? What will I do in the coming New Heaven on Earth World? Do all religions lead to the same place? What is so unique about Christian hope, anyway? All these questions and many more will be addressed in this class. 

An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount

Class led by Denise Smith

Location: Room 212

The course on the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7, will pick up where the class finished pre-holiday break. A brief overview of some key points from the beginning of the teaching will be covered so anyone new can feel comfortable joining the class. Jesus's message in His Sermon will be covered paragraph by paragraph and thought by thought. Denise Smith painstakingly prepares the content in a way that engages the heart and the mind, but also fosters a deep sense of community in her classes. You will understand the whole sweeping context of this teaching, as well as the counter-cultural, powerfully transformative teaching of Christ as it is applied to every compartment of life and living. If you’ve never studied the Sermon on the Mount, prepare to have your world rocked. If you have studied it before, prepare to be refreshed and encouraged by learning how to lean into and live out of the Kingdom of Christ.

Marriage Connection and Intimacy

Class led by Lauren Soto

Location: Room 105 (Conference Room)

PLease note: This class is designed for women only this term

Join us for an insightful and enriching class focused on enhancing intimacy and connection within Christian marriages. Explore important topics in a respectful and supportive environment, where we'll discuss ways to strengthen relationships and nurture love. Together, we'll delve into meaningful discussions and practical insights to deepen understanding and foster healthy marriages. This class is drawn from the scriptural principles about marriage.

Connect in the Yellow Mug Cafe

We know that sometimes what you need most in your life is not another study, but just some space to do self-directed fellowship, reading, and conversations as you are led. We provide a great space for this, and whether you feel tapped out from demanding work, family needs, or just love hanging out, please know we see you and you will find others who find this the best way to replenish their souls in the middle of the week. If it wasn’t obvious enough, this class is held in Café.

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