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Your faith needs friends.

We believe that groups are the heartbeat of the church and that something happens in groups and circles that just can't happen elsewhere. Home Groups are an initiative of the CLC to create space for people to grow in their faith with others. To learn more about Home Groups and to find your group, check out the page below:

What is a Home Group?


A Home Group of the CLC is a small group of people committed to finding community and following Jesus together. You could liken it to an intentional community or a team of some kind that meets together intentionally to accomplish a goal or task (in this case, to grow in faith). Most Home Groups do this through selected studies, activities, shared meals, and/or shared experiences. 

Each group may look and operate a tad differently, but they all move towards the same goal - to help everyone find community and follow Jesus.

To find your Home Group, check out the section below! 

Find your people
(aka, your Home Group)

Go ahead! Peruse our open groups by clicking the "Browse Open Groups" button below. You can find a group of folks in a similar life stage or you can find a group that's within close proximity to you. Whatever the case, get your browsing on!


When you find a group that you're interested in or a group that you want to learn about, you'll be given the chance to request to join the group or reach out to the leader with any questions right there in the groups portal (pretty neat, right)? However, if there's any lingering confusion about the process, have no fear. Check out the "How To Find Your Group" video (also linked below) or email us with any questions! ( 




Resources for Kids

Small Group Questions

And Much (Much) More

Leader Resources

Leaders! Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all the resources you'll ever need to lead... ok, we're mostly kidding! If you're a leader of a CLC Home Group, we want to do whatever we can to help you and your group win! Check out our ever-increasing library of resources to support you as you help folks find community and follow Jesus! Our resources include:


General Resources

Leader Training Sessions

Topics of Study

Worship Songs (Videos)

Would you like to learn more about the ins and outs of leading a Home Group at the CLC? We think it's a pretty stellar way to grow and to see God at work (we also think it's way fun and meaningful)! If you'd like to learn more, let us know via email by clicking the button below! 


Interested In Learning About Leading?

Right Now Media Resources

Right Now Media is a library of thousands of studies and resources that you and your group can use. The coolest part: it's free for our congregation to use! All you need to do is tap the unique link below to make an account, and then you are ready to go! 

Finally, we've created a custom library with hand-picked resources just for our church! To access those, be sure to click the "CLC Right Now Media Library" button below! Please note, this library will always be growing over time, so be sure to check back often! Additionally, you will first need to create an account with Right Now Media to access this library!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How exactly do Home Groups work? 

A: Home Groups are, simply put, intentional communities that meet regularly (2-4 times a month depending on the group) to grow together as we Follow Jesus. The effectiveness of the group is really dependent on its members and what they collectively put in to the experience. Our hope is that God would use these groups not simply to help folks connect as a community, but to really form people into the likeness of Jesus in all sectors of life and in all seasons of life (including the good, the bad, and the ugly). "It takes a village" is good mantra to keep in mind when looking for a good Home Group experience. It'll take all of the members pitching in to make this something meaningful. While this will look different for every group, the outcome will hopefully be the same: people finding community and following Jesus together.


Q: What if I don't find a group that works for me?

A: It may be the case that you're looking for a group for a certain stage of life or in a certain geographical location that doesn't quite exist yet! If this is the case - don't fret! For everyone who doesn't land in one of our existing groups, we have an additional space to connect: our Bi-Monthly Dinner Group! This is a space for folks to connect with new people over a shared meal! The ultimate for the purpose is for folks in this group to connect with others so much so that they form their own new groups. To learn more, consider checking out our page right here.

Q: When I am in a Home Group, am I a part of that Home Group forever, or are we allowed to switch Home Groups down the road? 

A: Great question! Home Groups meet from January to December. Every December (in preparation for the New Year) we invite our Home Groups (leaders and participants alike) to prayerfully discern whether God is calling them stay in the same group, to join another group, or to lead a group. Everyone is given the chance to shuffle at the end of the year if they'd like, or they can stay put. We'll repeat our "sign-up" process for each group and then we'll start a new year of groups! Of course, should someone discern that they need to make this shuffle at any other time, they are free to do so. They are invited to talk with their Home Group leader or to the Discipleship Director. 

Q: I am interested in leading, but I don't know a lot of the Bible and I haven't lead a group before. Is that ok? 

A: 100% yes. We're not looking for Bible scholars or people who have everything together. All we require of our leaders is that they love Jesus, love people, and are willing to learn and grow! If that's you, let us know! 

Q: Are there home groups for my kids? 

A: We don't have dedicated hope groups just for kids. However, we have Home Groups that offer various solutions for our younger congregants! Some of our groups provide child-care for kids, while other groups may even incorporate children into the Home Group, and even others may provide resources for kids to cover while the adults meet! In our Home Group Portal, you can apply filters (see the "Group Attribute" filter) to see which groups offer which accommodations/spaces for our kiddos! 

Q: I would like to learn more about leading a group. What's my next step? 

A: Super! If you'd like to learn more about starting/leading Home Group, please reach out to CLC's Discipleship Director via email to discuss next steps! (


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