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One great way to connect with members of the CLC Family is through our CLC Family Message Board! Our message board is a private Facebook Group that is available to any and all that consider themselves part of the CLC Family. This is a place where you can share life updates, stories/testimonies, prayer requests, funny meme's, event promotions, general church information, and things of the liking! 

Most of all, we hope that this page is just one small way that you can connect with your CLC Family. 


Step 1 - Click the button below that says, "Join Group" This will pull up Facebook in your web browser or it will open your Facebook app.

Step 2 - Login to Facebook if you aren't already logged in. 

Step 3 - Click the blue button that says "Join Group" and answer the membership questions and click "submit" when done. 

Once you've done these things, one of the page admins will review your request! You will be notified when an Admin accepts your request. 

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