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Three ways to join us on a Sunday.

Hover over the options below to learn more.




Sundays at 9AM & 10:45AM

A live worship service that takes place right here in our sanctuary.

9:00AM, 10:45AM

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Sundays at 9AM

A drive-in option to watch our live service right here in our parking lot.


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Sundays at 9AM & 10:45AM.

A church service live on your TV or mobile device.

9:00AM, 10:45AM

What to expect:

Our services (no matter how you are watching them) include a combination of music, video, and a message about a specific topic and what the Bible has to say about it. It isn't stuffy and we don't expect you to recite anything. You'll always have something you can walk away with that will make a difference in your life on Monday. That's our commitment to you. 

The whole family is invited!

Everyone is welcome to all of our services of course! However, we do have additional options for our youngest congregants during our 9AM service only if they are wanting something different. During the 9 o'clock service, we offer Kid's Worship and a class for our middle school students! You can learn more about those options at the icons below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do these drive-in services work? 

A: For our drive-in service, you have two options! First, you can pull up a lawn-chair and simply enjoy the service in the open air (we'll have coffee ready for you under the carport by the Kid Zone entrance). If you'd rather stay in your car, that is an option too! Simply park your car in our designated parking spots and tune your car radio to 104.1 FM. With our outdoor screen and radio tuner, you should be able to hear and see the service from the comfort of your car! 

Q: Are there any other ways to stream the services? 

A: Yes. You can still access our services / media content through the Boxcast App. Simply download the Boxcast App to your streaming device (Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, and more). Search for the "Christian Life Center" and look for our logo! You can also find the service streaming live to our Facebook page and our Youtube channel

Q: How long will services last?

A: The service will be about an hour and 15 minutes. It’s long enough for us to have a great time together. We take your time very seriously and we work hard to make sure our services are practical and relevant to your life. 

Q: What attire should I wear if I attend in person?

Really, it’s up to you. For the most part, we dress pretty casually. Some people prefer to dress up a bit, but we don’t place much importance on what you wear. God isn’t concerned about what you wear either, so wear something comfortable.​ 

Q: How do I get connected to people? 

A: We're so glad you are asking this question! Our hope is that everyone who walks through our doors gets connected with others. With that, we strongly encourage you to consider what it might mean for you to get plugged into a small group! We believe in the power of community and are confident that God would move through any and all efforts to plug into community! To learn more about small groups and to sign-up to lead or join one, check out this page right here

Q: What do you have for my kids? 

A: We have some AWESOME people here at the CLC who diligently pull together some incredible resources to serve our youngest congregants. During our 9AM service, they host a Kid's worship for those who join us in person. For those who are joining us from home, they also prepare some fantastic resources for them! To learn more about these resources, head over to the CLC Kid's page right here

Q: Where do I go if I have questions? 

A: We have a couple of avenues you could take if you find that you have more questions! You can text us at (610) 869-2140, you can email us at , or you can head to the bottom of the page to submit an inquiry. Click right here to access that. We understand that church is different now-a-days, so we want to do whatever we can to serve you and answer any questions you may have, so please don't hesitate to reach out! 

Thanks for being here and for allowing us to be a part of your and your family's faith journey! 

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